Danbury Youth Soccer Club is a non-profit organization. It operates under the general auspices of the Connecticut Junior Soccer Association (CJSA) but is governed locally through its own Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is charged with providing

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Danbury Youth Soccer Club’s In-House Curriculum and our Player Development Philosophy is based on the US Soccer Federation's newly revised Player Development Program and Coaching Education Licenses, which focuses on each player as an individual rather than the team dynamic.  The curriculum and lesson plans will maximize the potential and growth each one of our players can achieve.

Please use these Lesson Plans for Practice sessions:

U6 U8 and U10 Printable Training Sessions

USYSA - age specific lesson plans 



There is one session per week to focus on each topic for 45 minutes and then reinforce the players trying in the scrimmage session.

U7 8-Weeks

  1. Dribbling
  2. Dribbling
  3. Dribbling and ball striking
  4. Dribbling and ball striking
  5. Dribbling
  6. Dribbling
  7. Dribbling and ball striking
  8. Dribbling and ball striking

At this age the main focus is the playing being comfortable with the ball at their feet. From a characteristic stand point they are also in the ‘my phase’ they are not use to sharing. We should have enough balls that every player should have their own.


We will supplement the curriculum with youtube links and lesson plans. We will also reinforce these themes during the pool training and have the coaches reinforce them during the game on Saturdays.

U9 8-Weeks

  1. Dribbling
  2. Dribbling to beat an opponent
  3. Dribbling and striking a ball
  4. Passing and receiving with the inside of the foot
  5. Passing and receiving with the inside of the foot
  6. Passing and receiving in small groups ( groups of 4)
  7. Passing for possession ( groups of 4)

BOYS U12 and GIRLS U12

We will post activities for the weekly sessions. We would also ask that you focus on looking for the weekly topic in your game on Saturday.

U12 8-Weeks

  1. Dribbling (running with the ball)
  2. Passing/receiving- increase range of pass and introduce playing the ball in the air.
  3. When to dribble and when to pass
  4. Role of the primary defender
  5. Role of the secondary defender
  6. Dribbling - 1v1 & 1v2
  7. Team defending
  8. Building out of the back